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Cranmere Primary and Nursery School


‘With languages you are at home anywhere’ - Edmund de Waal

At Cranmere we intend for all children to become enthusiastic learners of French. Our specialist teaching offers both stimulating and enjoyable lessons in which children are encouraged to develop an interest and curiosity in learning about another language. They will also develop positive attitudes and knowledge towards different cultures, deepening their interest of the world. We particularly focus on spoken French to build self-confidence and we aim to embed the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing to enable children to use their French laying the foundations for future language learning.



The implementation of French teaching at Cranmere is organised by a clear scheme of work which is in line with the National Curriculum. Children are taught by a specialist French teacher in a relaxed way promoting fun and enjoyment. We offer weekly sessions of 40 minutes throughout the school year and the lessons provide a balance of both spoken and written language incorporating the listening and reading skills required. Children are particularly encouraged to develop their speaking skills in every lesson through conversational work to gain confidence and improve their pronunciation and intonation of the French language. An introductory Phonics programme is introduced in Year 3 which continues throughout KS2 to embed their knowledge, as we strongly believe that the key phonic sounds are absolutely vital to language learning. The lessons are designed to be progressive and build on prior learning, moving from word to sentence level over the four years. In every year group, the timetable ensures time for revisiting and consolidating prior knowledge. The lessons offer a mix of whole class, paired and independent activities.  Grammar and sentence structures are taught specifically. Lessons include songs, rhymes, stories, games and activities to encourage practical communication.  The language teaching runs across the Junior school ensuring continuity which offers sequential learning which enables consistent and smooth progression from year to year. Ultimately, our goal is to implement a strategy which encourages a love of language learning and prepares the children for a smooth transition to KS3.