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Cranmere Primary and Nursery School

Our Curriculum

At Cranmere Primary, we are proud to offer a dynamic and enriching curriculum that not only aligns with the national standards but also goes above and beyond to ignite a lifelong love for learning. Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals are at the heart of everything we do.

Our curriculum is built upon a solid foundation, following the national curriculum, to ensure that your child receives a comprehensive education that meets rigorous standards. We also utilize the Primary Knowledge Curriculum as the scaffold for our teaching, providing a structured and engaging framework that promotes depth of understanding and a thirst for knowledge.  The Primary Knowledge Curriculum Partnership is a network of primary schools dedicated to the delivery of a knowledge-rich curriculum which aims to enrich pupils’ lives through providing them with a well-sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum.

Retrieval practice is incorporated into the curriculum to ensure that our children know more and remember more.  Our staff receive continual training to develop their practice. Teaching starts with the classroom environment - this means both the physical environment but also the learning community that is created within the classroom.  Children are taught and encouraged to share thoughts, ideas and arguments about their learning with each other in a respectful way. 

Our curriculum is designed to inspire, motivate, and empower every child to unlock their full potential. At Cranmere, our values of kindness, respect, curiosity, resilience, self-belief, and responsibility are woven into the fabric of our teaching. These values are not just words; they are guiding principles that shape our school culture. Your child will not only gain knowledge but also develop into a well-rounded, empathetic, and responsible citizen.